Love in a Coffee Shop (2013) (dramedy) Three couples discuss everything including love, relationships and religion one night in New York City.

Big Weekend (2011) (comedy) Multiple groups have big weekend plans in New York City.

Retribution (2010) (action) After his friend Max is mysteriously murdered, Ryan Mitchell wants to find out who was responsible. 

Travel Time (2009) (sci-fi) Dr. Waldron attempts to be the first human time traveler.

Trepidation (2008) (mystery) Three women each face their own harrowing experience from an unknown stalker.

The Wolf Man (2007) (b&w horror) Remake of the 1941classic. Larry Talbot is faced with situations that will have lasting effects on his life.

The Tourne (2006) (thriller) The town of Boonton is puzzled by unexplained missing persons and murder victims without traces of a killer.

Paranormal (2005) (horror) Lisa Parker has been experiencing bizarre events in her house. Nothing to cause concern... until tonight.

It'$ a World Gone Mad (2003) Paying homage to 1963's It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World. Money is buried in a park, who will get it first?

Jersey Heat (2001) (action) One of the wealthiest men in the world, organized crime, the FBI and a foreign power cross paths in New Jersey.

The Invisible Man (2000) (b&w horror) Remake of the 1933 classic. Jack Griffin discovers a way to become invisible.

Resident Evil (1998) (horror) Based on the popular video game. A rescue squad investigates bizarre murders occurring in Raccoon Forest.


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